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Autogyro locks the orientation of your screen and lets you control it from anywhere.


Manual orientation

Autogyro works even if your device doesn’t have a gyroscope or accelerometer. It forces your device to orient the display the way you want it to be oriented.


By default, Autogyro enables a persistent notification with three buttons: Left, Right, and Flip. No matter what the orientation of your device is, you’ll always be able to switch to any other orientation with only a single tap. If you don’t need all the buttons, you can disable the ones you don’t need.

Quick Settings tile

New in Nougat: quick settings tiles. If you’re using Android 7.0 or above, you’ll see the same three buttons in your quick settings drawer (you’ll need to switch into edit mode to see them.) From there, you can drag any of the Autogyro tiles into your quick settings drawer and use them from any screen (even when your phone is locked!)


  1. Go to your phone’s Settings app and open the Security settings.
  2. Enable Unknown sources and click “OK” on the confirmation dialog. (It only needs to be enabled to install Autogyro; you can disable it immediately afterwards if you want.)
  3. Download the latest version of Autogyro here (you’ll need the .apk file.).
  4. Open the file and allow Android to install the app.
  5. When you first run Autogyro, you’ll need to grant two permissions. These are
  6. You’re good to go! If you’re using Android 7.0 or above (Nougat), there are Quick Settings tiles as well.

Currently a beta product. Autogyro will be improved with your feedback. Thank you for your help.