post I'm now on Patreon. ~2 minute read

For some background, I’m currently creating all of my illustrations from a 2012 laptop (Lenovo T430, if you’re curious,) and it’s… not the ideal 3D graphics computer, to say the least. I’d love to upgrade, but it’s only necessary for 3D work; and I was (understandably) wary to spend money on a new computer without any way to recover the costs.

So I’ve made a Patreon page. Apparently, people actually like my work enough to send me some money for it; until now, the only way was via RedBubble (where I get 30% of the total item cost), or direct donations. Hopefully, there will be more incentive for people to pledge to me on Patreon, thanks to the rewards.

Above all, don’t pledge to me if you don’t have the money for it, even if you like my art. I already spend some time fact-checking and privately distributing my illustrations before releasing them online, and you won’t see any changes if you don’t pledge to me.

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Discord Server

To go along with the Patreon page, I’ve also set up a Discord server. That’s where most of the discussion will be happening. Most of the channels are only open to Patrons, but #general is open to the public. Feel free to join with this invite link.