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F9R-Dev2D is a simplistic Falcon 9 landing game. It was originally created as a programming-exercise-slash-fun-toy, and as a result, the code could be far cleaner than it currently is.

To fly, use the arrow keys (or A/D for pitch and Shift/Ctrl for throttle); X and Z throttle to zero and full throttle, respectively. If the pitch direction feels backwards, toggle “flip left-right”.


The autopilot is designed only to land the Falcon 9 in either the f9r rtls or f9r rtls extreme scenarios and with “hard mode” enabled.

Hard mode

The “hard mode” option simply reduces your gimbal range to realistic levels and remaps the thrust from 0..1 to approximately 0.4..1, preventing unrealistically low throttle levels. It also tightens up what’s a “failed landing”, so hard landings at twenty degrees of tilt will count as a failure.