SpaceX Falcon 9 Downrange Propulsive Landing SpaceX Falcon 9 Downrange Propulsive Landing Direct link

This is the approximate trajectory of the SpaceX Falcon 9 booster during a downrange propulsive landing (i.e. ocean landing) on the ASDS.

Note that this profile includes a boostback burn; this profile was used during the launch of CRS-8, among others. It’s not used with heavy payloads, such as some of the larger GTO missions; instead, the booster does not perform a boostback burn and ends up much farther downrange, requiring the ASDS to position itself much farther from shore. The approximate trajectory of a Falcon 9 landing without a boostback burn can be seen here.

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F9R-Dev2D is a simplistic Falcon 9 landing game. It was originally created as a programming-exercise-slash-fun-toy, and as a result, the code could be far cleaner than it currently is.

To fly, use the arrow keys (or A/D for pitch and Shift/Ctrl for throttle); X and Z throttle to zero and full throttle, respectively. If the pitch direction feels backwards, toggle “flip left-right”.

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